Volume IX, Number 5
December 2014



Steve Branch, Kyle Dunn, William Howard, and Ralph Prestwood were elected at the November meeting to serve on the Board with terms expiring in 2017. Branch and Howard are returning members, and Dunn and Prestwood are joining the board for the first time on January 1, 2015. 



John Hawkins, retiring Museum Director, was named “Director Emeritus,” effective January 1, 2015, at the Board’s regular meeting on November 20.  In addition to the honorary title, he will also serve as an ex-officio voting member of the Board of Directors.   He plans to remain active in the Museum. 



The Museum’s website is in the process of being upgraded.  The new site will have the capability of accepting  donations and receiving payment for items ordered on line.  It will also have email accounts that can be directed to the Museum Director, the Associate Director, or for general information.  Plans are for the site to be fully operational after the first of the year.  The current website and the current email accounts will remain accessible during the transition period.  Stephenie Oxord are assisting Associate Director Colin Foust with the new site. 



The History of Caldwell County: The County Industrializes made its debut with two premieres.  The first was at Lower Creek Baptist Church on October 17 for the benefit of the Caldwell Heritage Museum, and 29 people attended.  Myra Dickson and Steve Branch organized the event.

The second premiere was at Club Cola in Granite Falls on October 21 and benefited both the Caldwell Heritage Museum and the Granite Falls Transportation Museum.  Jeanne Whisnant and the Granite Falls History Committee organized the event which was attended by 64 people. 



The Board of Directors made their annual field trip on Monday, November 10, to Ashe County.  The group visited the Museum of Ashe County History, Saint Mary’s Church, and the Mountain Farm Life Museum.  They had lunch at Shatley Springs, and they concluded their day with a visit to the Ashe County Cheese Outlet.  Ramona Renfro and Don Long were gracious hosts at the Ashe County Museum and Lee Beckworth showed the group around the Mountain Farm Life Museum.  Don Long also escorted the group to Saint Mary’s Church.

Board members who participated are:  Andrea Calloway, Myra Dickson, Mike Gibbons, and Tom Shuford.  Also going were volunteers Lynda Campbell and Bob Hensley. John Hawkins and Colin Foust, museum staff members, accompanied the group.  



The staff and the Board of Directors are grateful for those who have been generous in their donations for 2015.  The names will be listed in the next newsletter which will be mailed in early February. 


Purchases from Amazon.com can benefit the Caldwell Heritage Museum.  Click on Amazonsmile

Christmas Open House        



Sunday, December 7, 2014 – 2 p. m – 5 p. m.


Steve Yount, Granite Falls Native, Author


Good Rockin’ Tonight and Wandering Star


Christmas Music

Jim Coffey, Guitarist 


Santa Display

Courtesy of Barbara Love


A Smith Crossroads Christmas

Christmas Card and Print 

Dustin Turnmyre, Artist


Township Calendar  


DVD V: The County Industrializes






I have seen the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier several times, and I am always impressed with the dignity and the precision of the soldiers who are involved in the ceremony. The relieving soldier takes seriously the responsibilities for the duties passed along by the previous guard.  The old guard retreats leaving the new guard to walk the post proudly. 

Effective January 1 there will be a changing of the guard at the Museum. Colin Foust will be the “new guard.” In my role as the “old guard,” I have worked with Colin in his various supporting roles—volunteer, Museum Assistant, and Associate Museum Director.  I have seen him grow in his knowledge of Caldwell County and in his appreciation for the people who live here.  He is a student of our history and culture, both written and oral.  He enjoys meeting people, and he loves hearing the stories they tell about the past. 

Colin has a heart for the Museum like few people I know. His commitment to the museum and its mission to educate, research, and preserve Caldwell County’s rich history is made clear in his work here at the museum and as he represents the museum out in the community.* He wants to see our organization become the best it can be, and he is focused on making that happen.  His energy and enthusiasm for serving the people of Caldwell County and the preservation of its history will take the Museum to another level. His dedication is exemplified by his agreeing to work for the modest sum that we can afford to pay him. 

Just like all the others who have come before him, he cannot do it alone.  He needs our help and support.  He needs words of appreciation and encouragement.  

Colin does not have a goal of getting rich, and his willingness to work for a meager salary is admirable.  However, he does need to make a living. He cannot buy groceries and pay utility bills with words of encouragement and appreciation.  One way we can make our appreciation tangible is for each of us to give what we can above and beyond our normal contribution to the Museum. As more money comes into the Museum’s coffers, the Board of Directors is committed to seeing that the Director is compensated accordingly. 

To my knowledge, no ceremony, dignified or otherwise, is being planned for the changing of the guard at the Museum.  However, I am certain that Colin will take seriously the responsibilities and the duties that are being handed to him.  And he will walk the post proudly. 


The Museum will be open Christmas Eve, December 24, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for last minute shoppers or for out-of-town visitors.  It’s a great place to bring the grandchildren while Santa is wrapping gifts! 

The Museum will be closed Christmas Day, December 25, and New Year’s Day, January 1. The Museum will have regular hours at other times throughout the holiday season. 

VOLUNTEER opportunities and recognitions




Occasional volunteers help the Museum staff or regular volunteers with special tasks.


Autumn News Letter Mailing: Compass Class, CCC & TI.

Davenport School Third Graders: Stephenie Oxford

Boy Scout Pack 254: Bob Booth, Norma Harless.

Solicitation Letters:  Regular Voluneers – Judy Beal, Jan Bumgarner, Toby Haas, Barbara Love; Occasional Volunteers – Myra Dickson, Tory Haas

Lower Creek Third Graders:   Beverly Beal, Judy Beal, Rocky Brooks, Lynda Campbell, Myra Dickson, Norma Harless.

German Exchange Students:  Judy Beal, Richard Fudge

Cub Scout Pack 299:  Richard Fudge, Bob Hensley

West Caldwell History Classes: Lynda Campbell, Norma Harless. 




           Sympathy is expressed to the family of Ginger Cannon, an active participant in the Museum’s formative years, who passed away on October 5…Sympathy is expressed to the family of Joanne Carpenter who volunteered briefly at the Museum.  She passed away on November 8…Sympathy is expressed to Board Member Steve Branch in the passing of his mother on November 25…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From the Museum Staff, Board of Directors, and Volunteers




 Attendance:  October, 410; November, 329; Two-month total, 739. Average 370 per month.  Year to date: 2,831; Average per month to date: 257.  Groups this quarter:  Davenport Third Graders, 87;  LHS Class of 1964, 22; Boy Scouts Pack 204, First United Methodist Church,  13; October Coffee, 20; Koko Norvelli Book Signing, 17;  Lower Creek Third Graders,67; Open House, 12;  German Exchange Students, 18; Cub Scout Pack 299, 11; November Coffee, 33; Davenport First Grader, 75; November Board Meeting, 14; West Caldwell history students, 55. 



            The Museum loaned toys to the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum to display through early January. John Hawkins and Colin Foust attended the Open House on November 29…Colin Foust attended the Veterans Day Program in Granite Falls and John Hawkins attended the one in Lenoir.  



December 2014 – “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” Barbara Love’s Santa collection.

January-February 2015 – “On the Air:  Radio in Caldwell County” (In collaboration with the February “Coffee with the Curator.”) 

March-April 2015 – Hibriten High School Southern Culture Class Projects


Displays subject to change.   Suggestions for future Main Floor displays may be made by contacting the Museum.



            Ike Forrester for the October “Coffee”…Mike Gibbons for November “Coffee”…City of Lenoir for lining parking area…Bob Hensley for furnishing and planting pansies…Andrea Calloway and Myra Dickson for decorating for Christmas…Barbara Love for Santa display…Abigail’s Gifts, Central Barber Shop, Foothills Framing and Lenoir Printing  for selling museum items…



            The Board of Directors would like to express sympathy to the family of Greg Pilkenton, who passed away on October 18, and gratitude to the family for asking that memorial gifts be made to the Museum. 





       The Board met November 19.  Quorum present.  Reports approved.  Elected board members for term ending in 2017; discussed price quotes for stage lettering and signage; announced nominees to the Caldwell County Schools Hall of Honor; conferred “Emeritus” status on retiring Museum Director. 

  Minutes of Board meetings are available at the Museum during regular hours.  The Board’s scheduled meeting time is the third Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 4 p.m. at the Museum.  Occasionally a time or a place may be changed. Special meetings are called as needed. 



(Cumulative through November 30, 2014)

The Friends of the Museum listed below have contributed or added to their contribution for 2014 prior to November 30. Those who have contributed for 2015 will be recognized in the next newsletter to be sent during the first week of February.  Many contributors give both to the general fund and to special causes. When a special cause is indicated after the person’s name, it does not necessarily mean that the contributor has given to that cause alone.


Donor ($25.00-$99.00 Annually

1.        Garry and Lola Bradshaw, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)

2.        Caroline G. Butler, Littleton, CO (in memory of Ginger Cannon)

3.        Steve and Jennifer Greer, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)

4.        Mirka Abrasives, Inc, Twinsburg, OH (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)

5.        Joe and Carolyn Parker, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)



Supporter ($100.00-$499.00 Annually

1.        Beverly and Judy Beal, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)

2.        Myra A. Dickson, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton) 

3.        Mike and Ann Gibbons, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton and in honor of Pam Pilkenton)

4.        Pam Pilkenton, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)

5.        Joyce B. White, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)


 Patron ($500-$999 annually)

1.        Tom Shuford, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)



Conservator ($1,000-$2499 annually)

1.        John O. Hawkins, Lenoir (in memory of Greg Pilkenton)


Benefactor ($2,500-up annually)


Financial Information for this organization and a copy of its license are available from the Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section atr.888-830-4989.   The license is not an endorsement by the State.


The Friends of the Museum is a plan of support for the Museum.  Individuals, organizations, or businesses making a financial contribution of any size or an in-kind gift will be considered members during the current calendar year in the category based on the amount of the contribution. The Museum is incorporated as a 501© 3 non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible.  Donations may be mailed or brought to the Museum.



(Cumulative through November 30, 2014)


Rocky Brooks, Kara Calloway, Jeff Church, Seth Eckard, Tory Haas, Grant Hamby, Terri Neiderhammer, John Rabb III, Suzanne Ray, Fredel Reighard, Pat Reighard, Tassina Ward. 


Helper (10-49 hours annually)

1.        Jamie Spears                37 ¾

2.        Mike Gibbons              36 ¼

3.        Andrea Calloway         29 ¾

4.        Tom Shuford             29 ¾

5.        Garry Bradshaw           24 ¾    

6.        Stephenie Oxford         19 ¼ 

7.        Lynda Campbell      18 ¾

8.        Lib Barnette               18 

9.        Carole Bulot               18

10.     Bob Hensley              15 ¾

11.     Linda Livingston       15 ½

12.     Karin Borei                   14

13.     Norma Harless              13 ¼

14.     William Howard           13 ¾

15.     Michael Philyaw           12 ¼

16.     Beverly Beal              10 ¾

17.     Jon Brotherton              10 ¼ 

18.     Forrest Tate               10



Assistant (50-99 hours annually)

1.        Barbara Watson            90 ¼

2.        Jan Bumgarner             77 ¾

3.        Barbara Love               70 ¼

4.        Teresa Bradshaw           63 ¼

(In addition to paid hours)   

5.        Toby Haas                     63 ¼

6.        Myra  Dickson            61 ¼



Associates (100-199 hours annually)

1.        Judy Beal                 167 ¼

2.    Steve Branch              160 ½


 Benefactor (Over 200 hours annually)

1.        John  Hawkins          1,271 ¼  


The Museum Auxiliary is for persons who give physical service to the Museum.  These services may be in the form of volunteer hours, service on the Board of Directors, public relations activities, attendance at meetings representing the Museum, or a combination of activities.  Anyone  wishing to be a member of the Museum Auxiliary should contact the Museum Director. 

Coffee with the Curator

“All the coffee you can drink – All the history you can absorb.”





DECEMBER 10, 2014 – 10 a.m.

Topic – Christmas Memories

Facilitator – John Hawkins, Museum Director


JANUARY 14, 2015 – 10 a.m.

Topic – Caldwell Heritage Museum: Going Forward

Facilitator – Colin Foust, Museum Director


FEBRUARY 18, 2015 – 10 a.m.

Topic – On the Air: Radio in Caldwell County

Facilitators – Beverly Beal, Donnie Goodell, Jeff Joines, John Rabb III

Note the change of date.


MARCH 11, 2015 – 10 a.m.

Topic – There Must Be Something in the Water: Caldwell County Music

Facilitators – Kay and Patrick Crouch


April 8, 2015 – 10 a.m.

 Topic – Fort Defiance

Facilitator – Becky Phillips


May 13, 2015 – 10 a.m.

 Topic – Little Known Evidence about Frankie Silver

Facilitator – Maxine Mc Call


Times and topics subject to change.  Note also the Inclement Weather policy. 


Suggested donation - $5.00 per person.




If the Caldwell County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, the Museum will be closed also and all activities cancelled.  If the Caldwell County Schools are on a delayed schedule, or if it is a Teacher’s Work Day due to weather, the Museum will be open from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., and as many regular activities as possible will take place. If the Caldwell County Schools have early dismissal due to weather, the Museum will close also.  If in doubt, contact the Museum.

Caldwell Heritage Museum, Inc.                                                         NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION

112 Vaiden Street SW                                                                         US POSTAGE PAID

Lenoir, NC 28645                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 8


Address service requested






















Terms expiring 2014

Steve Branch, Vice Chairperson

Andrea Calloway

William Howard

Tom Shuford

Terms expiring 2015

Rocky Brooks

Dr. Myra Dickson, Secretary

Mike Gibbons, Chairperson

Stephenie Oxford

Terms expiring 2016

Garry Bradshaw

Seth Eckard

Terri Neiderhammer

Michael Philyaw


Judy Beal, Treasurer

Dr. Jeff Church, Facility Owner Rep.

Colin Foust, Associate Museum. Dir.

John O. Hawkins, Museum Dir.

Barbara Watson, Hist. Soc. Rep.















112 Vaiden Street SW

Lenoir, NC 28645

Telephone:  828-758-4004

Fax: 828-758-4242

E-Mail:  Caldheritmus@AOL.com

Web: www.caldwellheritagemuseum.org

Museum Director: John Hawkins

Associate Museum Director:  Colin Foust

Librarian:  Barbara Watson

Treasurer:  Judy Beal

Web Master:  Karin Borei

Environmental Services:  Teresa Bradshaw

Scheduled Volunteers:  Steve Branch, Jan Bumgarner, Linda Livingston, Barbara Love

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Friday : 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Museum is closed on January 1, July 4, Thanksgiving, and December 25.


The purpose of the Caldwell Heritage Museum is to educate, research, and preserve the history of Caldwell County through educational services and exhibits for our contemporary society, and passing intact its material culture to future generations.