For a brief time this afternoon the City of Lenoir, North Carolina was visited by a lady from the City of Lochristi, Belgium, who came seeking a link for herself to the New World.  Her name is Monique Lenoir. Ms. Lenoir visited the Caldwell Heritage Museum during her time in the city.  She studied the portion of the displays that depict the early settlement of the county, including the information about General William Lenoir, for whom the city is named.  Although extremely interested in the common name, she does not claim that the founding family here would share her ancestry. Ms. Lenoir arrived here while touring this part of the United States.  She had been in Lenoir City, Tennessee, and was leaving to spend two nights in Boone before traveling upon the Blue Ridge Parkway, scenery “much different” from her home in Belgium.  While in Lenoir, she said she had been to the Post Office and to the Fire Department.  Somewhere along the way, someone suggested she visit the museum. Her companion, Jozef Boel, talked of the possible connection of the Lenoir family name to Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean.  He said the historic symbol of that island is a black hat with a feather.  The reference to the color black, he believes, accounts for the family name, and that the name originated in Corsica. For more info visit site

Lenior NC is Visited by a European Namesake